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Learning to be

a ball of thinking
we answer by
pacing open
facing each but not really facing… joining and dis-jointing
Like breathing in and out



Artscape Youngplace
180 Shaw St. Studio 109
Toronto, Ontario
M6J 2W5


Adam Wolfond
Aiden Frazer
Aviv Nisinzweig
Carmine Closs
Chris Martin
Ellen Bleiwas
Erin MacKeen
Estée Klar
Eva Kolcze
Imane Boukaila
Jacob Frazer
Jean Malig
Jessamyn Polson
Lucas Maddog
Matisse A-M
Pascal Cheng
Rachida Boukaila
Raya Shields
Rid N

Rambling movement is how I feel my way through to language so the way opens the man of autism's meaning for many ways of understanding. Good languaging is making the pace of things that I feel and open the somatic walking to that way of flooding the questions, rallying man of autism's moving language. Go to the places that binge on diversity and think about how language defines identity and you will understand instead what language means.

I open the world to think about gaming the space. We invite you into this languaging site. Click on snails, and move your way through to feel the way of neurodiversity.

An invitation to play with this website We cannot prescribe how to move with this. Here is anti-prescription, no pre-determiened form but a way we play and move and think in relation. Move and language with neurodiversity in relation. Move with us, twallow (Wolfond) with sticks, water thoughts like rain, scatter like trombones honking the sound of yellow. Waves-ways the paths that pack the ball of thinking back into sentences, poetry, form. Click here, there and wayfare. Fernand Delingy once said that he does not have an aim. His arachnean way anchors and moves again, dis-assembling at every turn. We bring you to the fractals, the experience of dis-orientation, the busy visual fields that must move and blur to move and snake tendrils along to move; the way neurodiversity moves and sees, particularly conveyed by relanguaging of linearity and fixed orientation in the way that “rationality”, articulateness, and intelligence is supposed to represent, outside of experience. These can be called the “normative” or neurotypical ways of writing and “seeing”, explaining: “what do you mean by that?” Excessive parsing, excising experience in linear forms and self-same shapes. Instead, we invite you to feel what collects en route, pathing new experiences and understandings; fusing otherwise separated phenomenon – proprioception, synesthesia, relation – back together again: “packing ball of thinking” (Wolfond). “Bathing” in it, we invite you in, to participate, play and be in relation with us, with neurodiverse ways – “the wanting ways” (Wolfond) of desire, joy, “treasuring” them and rethinking neurodiversity in relation.
Open Studio
dis assembly: A Neurodiverse Arts Collective

We are a collaborative and supportive arts collective dedicated to neurodiversity and affirmative, creative activity to shift the field of research creation, support conditions for neurodiversity, to rethink support and collaboration, and to create networks for mutual support, inventing our own ways for living.
We invite you to join us as we celebrate the opening of our new studio at Artscape Youngplace with two upcoming events, free and open to the public:

Open Studio
Saturday December 4th 2021, noon-3pm
Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw St. Studio 109, Toronto
Covid Protocols: Attendees are requested to present proof of vaccination, and remain masked while inside the Artscape Youngplace building.

Panel Discussion: “Pandemic Paces”
Wednesday December 8th 2021, 4-5:30pm
Online Event. Please register in advance here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEkc-upqTkjHdVa50Y88Uorrt1CVRe8wAwG

Join Adam Wolfond, a non-speaking autistic poet/writer with Dr. Estée Klar, director of dis assembly: a neurodiverse arts collective. They will be joined by artist Ellen Bleiwas a collaborator at dis assembly, and poets and mentors of neurodivergent poets at Unrestricted Interest Chris Martin and Aviv Nisinzweig, to discuss how processual artistic practices support conditions for neurodiverse ways of creation and being.
The world as we are is pacing
ease in the invitation toward

answer openly
openly assemble
ball of thinking
thinking toward the
world neurodiversely
A springboard

for the tongue

snailing a spiral

toward words

The way people need to you

question is the way open

book is reading making at

once at raining thoughts

droplets problems droplets opulent droplets

pleat and throb through weathering thoughts

i want words of important movement to want the pace knowing wanting neurodiversity to question ways the people talk about autism

Assemblages assembling… dendrites blossoming
Becoming more than
We are more than individual. We individuate in relation. We are our own surplus
Transforming identities
Ball of thinking pacing
A web of pliancy
A dear thread read
in all directions
by the ear most of all
Color the tricking text into
reds open good purple answer
with ways others daintily
watching the ways of unfolding.

Snailing the tendriled paths to somewhere





way of



The how


the open



not knowing
Moving…. Movement listening expressing
hesitating/ticcing is a move in the process of moving…

Waves of slanting light
Ball of thinking about the rugged capability places learning to be neurodiversely pacing the easy way I answer openly toward the thinking about facing the world as I am.

How to connect in the open s/pace?

The project that does

not demand

to know

what it is


It does

the open





The spider swallows

back up

its thread


and undoing

Yes I Ache to Answer the Call (a manifesto of yes)

The call of the talking people
to answer about autism
is one I avoid

like the way people avoid me
in all my autistic wonder

Say yes to pacing my way

Say yes to pacing the way
of the atmospheres

Say yes to the way of bathing
in neurodiverse ways

Say yes to the way of difference

Say yes to the good movements
that are stims and tics
the way open atmospheres
calm my needs

Say yes the way I do
to the other people
who ask me to peacefully
understand them
needing support

Say yes to sour candy

Easy ways to say yes
are the ways of love
and openness to all types
of doing and being
and peaceful ways pacing others
call the ways to say yes

Say yes to the languaging
that comes with the atmospheres
and the movement

Say yes to the very reasons
of non-reason

Say yes to the wanting sounds
that hum without words

Say yes to inspiring art
that makes deeper tankful thinking
to be in autistic perception

Say yes to thinking about how
same ways of cadence
is not the face of thinking
but a myth of how
we should face each other

Say yes to socializing
with the home of things
and the things that feel

Game the yes
like the game of no
but the calm yes
is the way of making
pace of movement
the agency
of the dance itself
not the age-appropriate agency
of the way we should consent
and the way to say yes
is always with love
not the way of force
and that way is the way we need
to question the consent
and not the disabled person

The waning way of language
is the mobility to walk in ways
that flood the senses like when
I make people think much about
names of things because things

are more open through their
relations and that language’s
varied rambling connections
that game movement and
having the pace always

brings different meanings.
Rambling movement is how
I feel my way through to language
so the way opens the man
of autism’s meaning for many

ways of understanding. Good
languaging is making the pace
of things that I feel and open
the somatic walk to that way
of flooding the questions

rallying man of autism’s
moving language. Gaming
genders are like making
dances of man of autism’s
feelings about being about

masculinity when we all have
different energies that know
bringing the should to the movement.
Vatican of religion is the suppression
of movement and I think all domination

must ease
for the life to live as it dances.
Go to the places that binge on
diversity and think about how
language defines identity

and you will understand what
languaging instead means.
Bringing the Rallying Feeling Together

The thinking is pacing language
of nature that is languaging the way
we live in the world. Language is
my answer to the way pace
if it moves like the affects
jumps in my mind body.

Having good city of noises
and very calm breezes
are like game of feeling
and rally of atmospheres.
Game of the easy rally is
like the inspiring unconscious.

Varied man paces the multiplicity
making sense of rallying atmospheres
like bathing currents that sometimes dance
with me. Go to the man of autism’s movements
to feel the multiplicity that names having tics
a pathology but that is the weak way to think

about autism because it thinks that sensing
is about language of categories and in that
I eagerly want the people to know that I
sense more than feeling and pace is
feeling the rally that is the moving
multiplicity. The multiplicity has

open ingredients like names
of need in which the language
can’t capture but making bathing
baking dance must move buttressing
face of the need to care and to live.
The naming of need and support

does not jump into the favorite
languaging of forces that move
us and I easily feel rally like the way
mean calm good hate love bathes
to gether because making chance
of me can remember the amazing

ways the call to feel can be
and the walks that assemble
long paces that the world is
full of. The chance is the making
the way easy changes can vary
and the way paces are god naming

the call to rally with the easy earth
and the god I name is the feeling.
Feeling is the waiting the risk
walking together being together
gaming together and pacing
the easy rally making together.